Find Your Dream Home...

Find Your Dream Home...

Construction Management Service

  In addition to drafting, I have spent many years in the field as a construction superintendent. Not only has this experience given me the ability to do my job better as a draftsmen, but it has also given me the knowledge to construct some of the actual projects I have drawn.

   On occasion I get a client with a particular project that for some reason can not be bid out through conventional methods. Complications with the lot, budget concerns or lack of interested qualified contractors etc... I sometimes have home owners who just want to say they built their home themselves. The concept of owner/builder is not new by any means however, if you are not knowledgable in construction and do not have a network of subcontractors to hire from it can be a daunting task.   Your home is usually your largest investment and as romantic a notion as building it yourself is, it's not always the best decision.

   This is where CRP Technologies Construction Management Service can help. We can give you the experience and tools you need to get the job done correctly. We prodvide the schedules, specifications, takeoffs, jobsite inspections,budgets and contract insured subcontractors to do the work. We have accounts set up for every facet of the construction and will meet with you to make all material selections.  Our written manangement contract will help secure the finances from your lending institution.

   CRP Technologies can enable you to construct your dream home the way you envisioned it by working for you directly throughout the entire process. We will communicate your wants and needs.   We will keep you informed of what to expect throughout the entire process.

    Constructing your own home can be extremely rewarding on an emotional level as well as a financially.  Few owners are aware of the time and labor involved.  CRP Technologies will make the experience an enjoyable one that you will remember with pride as you enjoy your home for years to come.