Custom Design Service

If you've cannot find a stock plan on or another site that suits you, even with a few modifications (see our plan modification service), then you are most likely interested in our Custom Design Service. learn more

Plan Modification Service

If you've found a stock plan on our site or even another site that would be perfect with a couple of custom changes or added features, we can help. For instance, creating a different façade or relocating a room, or making it just a little bit larger in one room or across the whole house. CRP Technologies’ plan modification service is your solution. It's the simple way to customize an affordable stock print or house plan to fit your unique needs. learn more

Material Takeoff Service

If you've found a stock plan on this site, or even another site with or without custom changes or added features. The next step is getting a list together of what you will need to construct your castle. learn more

Construction Management Service

For local customers only. learn more