The smallest hut built from stone is a cozy castle...

The smallest hut built from stone is a cozy castle...

Material Takeoff

If you've found a stock plan on WESBRIANTDESIGNS.COM or even another site with or without custom changes or added features. The next step is getting a list together of what you will need to construct your castle. CRP Technologies Material Takeoff Service is your solution. It's the simple way to acquire an accurate, affordable list to be able to get "apples to apples" pricing from lumber yards and vendors for your project.

  Our architectural experts will work up your materials list based on what you want to price or have priced. this will enable you to shop the products more effectively, or if you just want to specify the particular materials you wish to use. This is a very useful tool when building yourself or even if working with a General Contractor saving them time and minimizing any misunderstanding about what grade of products you would like to have included in your project.  The materials list for your project will be documented quickly, accurately and professionally you will also be able to budget your allowances with actual quantities listed. By contracting this service through the same company you have purchased your stock or custom plan and/or modifications from. We can even bundle the purchases together if you wish (see pricing details)

Six steps to acquire a material takeoff for your plan:
1. If you have purchase a Custom plan from our Custom Design Service or purchased a Stock plan from WesBriantDesigns you simply need to download a Material Takeoff Worksheet Then after filling out the sheet email or fax the sheet to us for a quote. If you wish to bundle this with your print purchase you must have this quoted before you checkout. The quote will not require any fee however, if you decide you want the service, it must be paid for in advance. If you would like to see how the material list will be assembled we can provide a sample list for you to view. (see sample)
2. If you have a Custom plan our Stock plan from another design service or have designed a home yourself and would like A material list. You simply need to download a Material Takeoff Worksheet. Then after filling out the sheet email or fax the sheet to us for a quote. You will also need to either email, fax or mail to us a scaled set of working drawings of your project. We will not be able to complete quote until we have all information. The quote will not require any fee however, if you decide you want the service it must be paid for in advance. If you would like to see how the material list will be assembled we can provide a sample list for you to view. (see sample) also, there will not be any need for additional copies of your prints to be made if you require something in writing to that effect. send it along with prints and we will be happy accommodate you.
3. Fill out worksheet and fax or email to us. We will review your request and contact you with a cost estimate within 3-5 business days. If you have a request involving something not able to be dictated on the worksheet please feel free to Call us at directly 1-877-761-PLAN and we will discuss your request.

Average Material Takeoff Price Guidelines
4. After you have received your cost estimate for materials takeoff list, simply place your order, the balance must be paid in advance, unless bundling with other services requiring a deposit and payment schedule (see pricing details).
5. After your payment has been received, your customized Materials Takeoff List will be completed within the time stated in your quote. There will be a section on the Worksheet for contact info for any questions or concerns our specialist might have while completing your request. In order to complete within the time allotted to your project, it is extremely important that you or someone who can act on your behalf be able to communicate with us promptly, should any unforeseen questions arise. This is especially significant for those who have sent prints from another vendor or have drawn your own.
6. Upon completion your custom list will be emailed or faxed to you. Once received, if needed you may have copies made locally. If you have provided us with a set of plans from another vendor or that you have drawn yourself we will mail everything back to you and notify you via email or fax when shipment was made.
If you have any questions, please call us at 877-761-PLAN. Our expert consultants look forward to assisting you.
*Due to the uniqueness in every house most plans will require a quote first, however some of the stock plans have the exact pricing attached to their particular sku#. As for all other plans this will at least give you a minimum cost. The quotes are free of charge and we will respond quickly so you have time to decide what course of action to take.
Framing Material (everything to "dry in" structure)
Starting at $100
Interior Door Schedule (included on all stock and custom CRP Tech produced plans)
Exterior Window/Door Schedule (included on all stock and custom
CRP Tech produced plans)
Insulation Material list
Starting at $100
Drywall Material list
Starting at $150
Shingle Material list
Starting at $50
Floor Covering Material list
Starting at $100
Interior Trim List (casing, baseboard, crown, stair parts)(no cabinetry)
Starting at $150
Interior Cabinetry
quote required
Block for foundation
Starting at $100
Exterior Veneer Brick Material list
Starting at $150
Exterior Trim Material list (soffits, gutters and downspouts etc..)
Starting at $50
Interior Concrete flat work Material list
Starting at $100
Exterior Siding Material List
Starting at $150
Exterior Deck Material List
Starting at $150
Things to Consider
All home plans, even stock ones have a customized list depending upon what materials you chose to construct them. There are also many variables beyond the control and/or knowledge of the skilled professional preparing your takeoff. Although many are addressed in the Worksheet provided in an effort to be as accurate as possible. There are still many different installation methods and construction practices that may drastically alter the specific quantities needed shipped, to complete your project. Your Materials list will be determined to the best of our professionals’ knowledge, according to the most common practices in our region. While you can be certain that we are capable of presenting you with an accurate, professional list of materials needed. CRP Tech in no way guarantees that these amounts are absolute. If you have any special concerns or questions please feel free to contact us.
Turn Around Time, Payment of Work
Normally it takes 3 to 5 business days to receive an estimate. After you approve the estimate and payment in full is received, it will take 3 to 14 days to produce your custom list. This can vary per project depending upon the complexity of your request and project. The time for completion will be noted on your estimate.
About the Materials Takeoff Worksheet
In order to receive an estimate for your materials list, you must first print and fill out the
Materials Takeoff Worksheet. You may print the worksheet as many times as you like, but please send it to us only once with final version of the materials you are requesting.
It is important you put all of the materials you want in your request. Any requests for other materials list will require a new estimate and additional fees. Please be sure to include your name, phone numbers (including fax number if available), email address, plan number, and order code on all correspondence you send to us.
Be aware that some changes may have to be made after you receive the materials list in order to meet your local codes that we are not aware of.
Be sure to use black ink or felt-tip. Give as much detail as possible when filling out worksheet, use the same room names as what is shown on the house floor plan (such as "Bedroom 1", "Bedroom 2", etc).
We also encourage you to make a copy of the form with your final requests. Before you email or fax your request
How much will Material Takeoff List cost?
This really depends on the complexity of your project and of course, the amount of materials you need a list for. There are a lot of parts and pieces to constructing your castle. Some customers are General Contractors and mainly request framing, insulation, drywall, exterior trim, deck framing and trim lists so they can get several different companies to price the same specific amounts of material and do not have to worry about the vendor padding the list or "swaging" a number just to get you something to look at. A lot of them have this done prior to working up their construction proposal to homeowner so they can be more accurate with their cost without investing a lot of their time to do so. Homeowners or owner/builders tend to also add on list for things covered in their allowances doors, windows, exterior bricks or siding, shingles, floor coverings, cabinetry because they are not as familiar with how much of these items they will possibly need. Most of these items are priced by the "unit" needed. When working with a General Contractor they will give you a budget or allowance for these items. Without a quantifiable amount in those "units” the homeowner has no good way to verify whether the budget is even enough for the bare minimum, much less the product that you had expected to have included in your home. In general, most customers just requesting the minimum framing list will spend on average, $100 to $300. The customers getting framing, insulation, drywall and trim lists will spend on average, $300 to $800. The customers requesting a list for everything countable will spend on average, $800 to $1500 possibly. The current housing market is such that the more "homework" a customer does, whether they are building with a General or a Management Service or especially if they are owner/building, the more control over the cost of their home they will have. The benefits of having our service creating these lists for you will be worth far more than you will pay. Just being able to approach a builder or lending institution with a little more knowledge about your particular home will make you and them more comfortable with the building process.
Why do I have to pay for a materials takeoff list before I can receive it?
Our professionals take every effort to produce an accurate, professional material list to assist you in the construction of the dream home you expect to have when you are complete. And we have
no doubt that while there are many of you prepared to compensate them for their time, there are just as many who are more interested in getting our service without compensation. Without any real means to guarantee that the time invested is compensated for, we must request the payment be made ahead of time. The estimate/invoice for the work is based on time spent. So, at any time throughout the process if you wish to stop work for any reason contact us and if there is a balance of the payment not required for work done already to that point we will gladly refund it to you. If you are bundling this service with purchase of plans or modifications we can waive the fee until your final scheduled payment. Call 1-877-761-PLAN to notify us to stop work or any other questions regarding this payment policy
What if I don’t like the way your list was completed after I have received it?
Because you are able to view the "sample" and have invaluable input thru the "worksheet". We feel that your expectations will be met, but in the event you are not satisfied with the materials lists presented to you there are a few things you can do. First, contact us and let us know what it is you are in objection to for example: if there was a flagrant mistake in a calculation that either you or a vendor discovered. Or, if something you requested on the worksheet did not end up on the lists. Or if perhaps you do not understand why something was specified differently than you assumed and was not addressed specifically on the worksheet. There may be any number of viable reasons that occur we cannot address them until we know what they might be. Second, give us some time to verify what the error or exemption was and how to rectify the problem (ie... recalculate, input additional info, explain the process which applies to material specified) Please allow some open-minded communication here for the end result which is your satisfaction. There are no refunds on completed materials list. You will be required to pay for the cost of labor for service that has been performed for you. However, if your correction or changes are fairly simple then they may be done at no extra charge to you. Of course there will be no action taken for materials lists deemed unusable due to the following reasons: Altering of construction plans, Decision to not continue with construction of project for any reason, Request to specify materials not adequate to meet building code were not adhered to, Budgets or allowances were not adequate for specified material, Another vendor provided you with a list for materials, You decided to create your own list for materials, You changed your mind about some of the materials specified on the worksheet, Your subcontractor supplied his own materials, The final list of materials sent to jobsite was not exactly what was specified on the materials list from CRP Tech., Any other discrepancy beyond the reasonable control of CRP Technologies.
Why can't I get a list of electrical, plumbing & mechanical materials?
Location of heating, air-conditioning, duct work & water heaters, Electrical Schematics, (location of lights, plugs & switches) will not usually be shown on plans since local codes and climate as well as homeowners preferences of types of systems varies. Your builder and/or subcontractors will be better suited to help you determine materials and placement of this equipment. If you have these schematics completed and have submitted them to us. We can include a materials list for these items as well if you request with your